Government warns of ‘malicious’ myGov scammers

The Government has urged Australians to be vigilant regarding scammers who target ATO
log-in details to commit tax fraud.
The ATO has received a large number of reports of scammers using fake myGov sites to steal
myGov sign-in details that can be used to commit tax and refund fraud in other people's
These criminals will often use text message or email to lure people into clicking a link, using
phrases such as 'You are due to receive an ATO Direct refund' or 'You have a new message in
your myGov inbox — click here to view.'
The Government says the ATO or myGov will never send an email or text message with a link
to sign in to myGov, and that it is "working hard to protect Australians from scammers and
early signs show this plan is working."
Earlier this month, the Assistant Treasurer released the second quarterly National Anti-Scam
Centre report, which found scam losses reported to Scamwatch reduced by 43% from the
same quarter in 2022, and 26% from the July to September 2023 quarter.
Last year, the ATO introduced new fraud controls to help protect Australians from online
identity theft, including the use of myGovID to strengthen security during the sign-in
processes on myGov accounts, making it more difficult for criminals to gain access.

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