Notice of visa data-matching program

The ATO will acquire visa data from the Department of Home Affairs for the 2024 to 2026 income years, including the following:

  1.       address history and contact history for visa applicants, sponsors, and migration agents;
  2.        active visas meeting the relevant criteria, and all visa grants;
  3.        visa grant status by point in time;
  4.        migration agents who assisted the processing of the visa;
  5.        all international travel movements undertaken by visa holders; and
  6.        sponsor details, and visa subclass name.

The ATO estimates that records relating to approximately nine million individuals will be obtained each financial year.

The objectives of this program are to (among other things) help ensure that individuals and businesses are fulfilling their tax and super reporting obligations, and identify potentially new or emergent approaches to fraud and those entities controlling or exploiting the visa framework.

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