NSW Government Support Grant

There will be an additional NSW State Government support grant, available from late July, to assist businesses affected by the latest COVID-19 restrictions.

Current information is limited and we will keep you updated as information comes to hand.

So far the government have advised:

  1. Grants can be used for business expenses such as rent, utilities and wages, for which no other government support is available.
    Regional NSW businesses can apply if they have been impacted by the public health restrictions, given school holidays are an important trading period for businesses across NSW.
  2. To apply, businesses will need to compare their turnover over a minimum two-week period after lockdown commenced, to a minimum two-week period in June and/or July 2019.
  3. Applications for grants must be made through Service NSW, with the application process due to go live later in July 2021.
    Eligible businesses can receive:
  • $10,000 for a decline in turnover of 70%, or more
  • $7000 for a decline in turnover of 50%, or more
  • $5000 for a decline in turnover of 30%, or more.

Visit Service NSW for more details.

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