Rodney Pye
April 29, 2015

have known and been associated with Peter Hesse from PDH Accounting Services, as a friend and professional Accountant since September 2001.

During that time I have developed a strong working relationsip with Peter and I have found him to be very honest, dedicated and extremely passionate when it comes to helping and supporting his clients.

Peter is a good Accountant with a sound knowledge in both Tax and business generally who speaks in a language his clients can understand. He does not pretend to know everything but he will work tirelessly to find the right answers for you. Peter has a great sense of humour, has an ability to relate to his client's needs and is very enthusiastic about providing excellent customer service.

We have found Peter Hesse and PDH Accounting Services to be an invaluable partnership for our business and we have no hesitation in recommending them to any business in need of a quality and professional Tax and Accounting Service.

Tony Atkinson
April 29, 2015

As a start up business in 2005 it was essential that we surrounded ourselves with like minded professionals. Not only has Peter Hesse been an enormous source of knowledge, he has supported our organisation with referrals from various other networks that we would not have been able to access. Peter's input has been instrumental in the growth of Atkinson Training.

David Kay
April 29, 2015

I have utilised the services of PDH Accounting since Peter commenced practice in 2005. Peter has always provided me with efficient, effective and high quality service, well attuned to my requirements. Peter communicates technical matters to me in a clear and concise manner, which facilitates my ability to make decisions based upon an understanding of key issues.

Jason McKenzie
April 29, 2015

I would like to thank Peter Hesse and the team at PDH Accounting for their most important role in building my company over the last 8 years.

I believe the journey has been made easier by the expertise, personal attention and plain language used by the team. I see Peter Hesse as a business adviser and coach who also does my tax. Peter made it clear to me at our first meeting that he is there to help my company meet its goals. This means over the years I have used him as a sounding board in most major decisions and even some trivial decisions. To have the ability to contact someone with an outside view, it helps me detach the emotions of your own business and apply an analytical approach.

The most important thing to me has been the communication. Someone always answers the phone ready to help. All questions are addressed promptly. Even more impressive in today’s world is that if the team at PDH say they are going to something, then it happens.

I am a very happy consumer of their service and highly recommend their services, as I have done in the past sending friends and relatives who are now happy clients of PDH Accounting.